Wife, mommy and domestic genious in training!

Oh, I have a blog?!? I forgot…for like 3 years!  August 13, 2016

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So, I started this blog with such great intentions when Sarah was a baby. You know, the same intentions that would always have a clean house, never yell at my kids, not be a yoga pants, no make-up wearing, hair in a bun stay at home mom….well those intentions became reality: I’m a hot mess! And, it’s ok. 

I’m ready to have a creative outlet again for my thoughts. I’m ready to record some thoughts and prayers for my marriage, my girls, my friends, etc. 

Feel free to read along or not. My desire is really to use this as a place to write so my girls can read this stuff later. I’m not a writer, theologian or expert, just a girl trying to find her way and leave a legacy for her kids 💖


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