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The blemished face October 22, 2012

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The blemished face

It finally happened, Sarah face planted into our dresser.  Now, before you judge, let me explain…I was holding her and walked over to our dresser to pick up the computer to take it downstairs.  She likes to lean over in your arms and try to put her mouth on stuff.  I am used to this, so I was holding her in my right arm and supporting her torso with my right hand.  I picked up the computer and she decided that was the exact moment to flip flop and lose her balance – which she never does.  So, I drop the computer and grab her face up.  Now, she was still in my arm, I never let her go and our dresser is high, so she really didn’t fall far, but for a Mommy, it was like I had dropped her from the top of the Empire State building or something. I took her into her room, grabbed her paci, and sat down in the chair to inspect her precious face that I just knew would be horribly disfigured for life.  As you can see, there was a HUGE blemish!

See, see the HUGE blemish right above her eye?!?!  And, as you can see, she really needed to play to make things better.  She had no part of me putting ice on it.

I know, it isn’t that huge, barely even noticeable, but it made me feel so sad.  I also know that she will receive many more blemishes, and I am really ok with that, I just her to receive them when she is playing by herself, not when I am holding her J

This did teach me a few lessons…1) She is a tough cookie – like her momma 🙂 2) I think her face is just as beautiful with her new blemish and 3) I can’t always protect her.  All these things I knew before, but just didn’t want to accept – especially that #3!


2 Responses to “The blemished face”

  1. Connie H Says:

    If there is no blood and/or stitches you are still in good Mommie standing. But the sad thing is you can’t always protect her as I learned with you. But the good thing is you do get to teach her how to react and keep going when she gets hurt and you will do an excellent job of that. Your a great Mom.

  2. Carmen Says:

    Umm…I don’t see anything… 🙂

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