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Forced creativity October 5, 2012

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My sister has said her whole adult life that they sucked the creativity out of her in kindergarten…I think there is some truth to that!  I have always longed to be that person that could look at a blank canvas and see the painting, or look at a field and see the picture, or look in the pantry and see the perfect meal.  Or for that matter, start a blog and have the words to say.  Well, that just isn’t the person God made me to be.

So, I find myself the CEO of our household, learning so much every day!  I have chosen a life of forced creativity!  I must learn to creatively run our household in a multitude of ways.  First – our budget!  Going from working professional to DINK to SAHM (Stay at home mommy – see the things I have already learned!) in a matter of two years has led to several adjustments.  For so long, my money was my money.  I did what I wanted with it…I gave back to God his share, paid my bills, spoiled my niece and nephews, spoiled myself and gave away what I wanted.  Then, suddenly I was married and “my money” was our money…we had two incomes, no kids, and life was great.  We had a big wedding, paid off debt, took a few trips.  Then, hubby and I decided my job was just too stressful and it was time to take the plunge, so I quit!  Now, we were down to one salary….wow, big adjustment!

First forced creativity change was to quickly build my Premier Designs jewelry business.  Premier is the most amazing company and I had been selling it for a few years, but more as a hobby…so, step one – step it up!  I started booking shows and working the business.  My commitment was to pay our mortgage.  I was so proud of myself the first month I did this!

Fast forward another year or so and here comes our bundle of joy – Sarah!  Ok, now, one income and a baby…do you know how expensive diapers are?!?! Well, the brand I loved and they started us on in the hospital (Pampers) is about $0.25 each!  WHAT?!?! Just to peepee and poop in…ummm no way!  Now, the creativity starts to flow…I love to save money, always have, and I am convinced I can do better than that.  So, our sweet Sarah wears Costco diapers on her cute booty. They come in at $0.13 each – almost half the price of the Pampers!  And, guess what…they catch peepee and poop just as well!  Cha-ching!!!

So, I find myself looking for ways to get our life on a better, cheaper, happier and healthier path again…enter monthly meal planning.  I had the idea to do this and started working on it for September.  We did pretty well, but I knew I could do better.  I read this awesome blog and read how she and her family live on $14,000 a year and I was so impressed.  One of her biggest helps in this was monthly grocery shopping.  So, two days of planning and shopping and we are groceried for October.  I am convinced in a few months I will save significant money for our family by doing this.  I just got the book Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half (by Steve and Annette Economides) from the library, so pen and paper in hand, I am ready to learn more!

A few other things I am working on – learning to sew.  My mom is a seamstress extraordinaire!  We were always dressed impeccably as children because she would make clothes for us.  I know (because she taught me) that I can save a lot of money by making clothes for our family.  Now, please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t intend to make everything, but I am going to start and see what I can accomplish!

Giving away more and more…Tom and I both know we are incredibly blessed and are looking for ways to give away more and more.  This is definitely a challenge living on a budget, but we know we can do it.  Premier helps with that – I am working toward doing a charity show monthly.  I will give away 50% of my profits to said causes!  This is a way I can work and help our family and give away money too!  The Bible tells us that to whom much is given, much is expected.  We know that we have been given much and are responsible to handle it the way the Lord leads us.  We also know that we can’t out give God and that He will provide for us if we keep our hands open.

Removing the word TRY from my vocabulary…I think this word is of the devil.  Think about it, how many times do you say “I’m going to try to…” and you don’t do it.  Know why? Because saying we are going to try to do something is the same as saying you aren’t going to do it! I’ve been “trying” to lose my baby weight for over five months now – guess how much is gone, none!  Because I haven’t been doing it, just wanting it to go away!  So, I am trying to remove try from my vocab! 🙂  Hehe!!! See, it’s hard to do!

This blog is another outlet for my creativity!  I think sometimes I just need to get thoughts down on paper so I can move on with my life.

Daily, I am working to take my creativity back that they drained from me in kindergarten!  Slowly but surely I will do it and it will help our lives be better, I just know it!


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